Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Farewell~/The Final Post

Hey Wolf Jammers.

I have some news for you. Some bad and some good but mostly bad.

So I left the blog thinking that I would quit a couple months ago. I came to see if I would enjoy every single second of it. Unfortunately that was not that case at all. I honestly had no aspects on blogging on here. That is why I haven't been posting because I lost interest in it completely. So I am making a final decision and I WILL NOT change my mind:

I am Closing The Animal Jam Wolf Blog.

This is a final decision that I have made, and again I will not change my mind. 

The GOOD NEWS is that I will still post here for a little bit here and there but not frequent .So please don't expect a lot of posts on here from now on.  I have decided to stop all activity which includes posting, edits, and updates on the blog on October 31.

Which is Halloween.

I apologize for anything. And I'm extremely sorry for the new comers who found the blog and were expecting more. 

Here are some reasons that I am Quitting:

  • AGE: Animal Jam's age limit is about  8-12 years old and I am way out of that range.
  • School is coming: I'm going to be in class and that includes sports, homework, and studying. I cannot be blogging while all of this is coming because it's unfortunately too time consuming. 
  • Uninterested: I am always bored when it comes to animal jam because I'm sorry to say but it has become so kiddish for me and I get bored too easily. 
  • Not enough audience: I've been on the blog for about 2 1/2 years and I still do not have such a big audience which is kind of disappointing. So it seems kind of pointless making so much effort for not a lot of people to see. But I thank the ones who have commented, and became a wolf blog members and have contributed.

Special thanks: 2FangWolf, Nafaria9, Scooter, Anny Ly Pikachu, CookyCupcake Aj, 04anime04, LinaMembership, Amy Tran, Icy HeartAj,  Julia D. , Bossy, Cowlan, and MANY OTHERS!

You all have supported the blog so much and I'm so thankful for you all that came into my life/blog. I appreciate it so much and I cant thank you all enough. I remember all the different times when we all talked and it brings me joy! The Animal Jam Wolf Blog Will never be forgotten and will be found by new people noticing that the owner closed down it's doors. I can't thank you all enough and I will remember this blog forever. I hope God is with you and never lets you go. I hope that all of you live rich fulfilling lives and I hope to see your dreams come true. Thanks to all who have stuck with me. It was so much fun discovering this game and it's wonderful community. I hope you all have a fun and good time still playing. And please Never Let This Go.

Goodbye Jammers. Have Fun!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How I Got My Username

Hey guys
So for a while now people on Aj have been asking me on how I got my username and if I came up with it.

It's actually pretty simple. So if you didn't know there's this band called Paramore and they have this album called "RIOT!"


And they have this track on the album called "WeAreBroken"

Here it is:

So I thought I should just use it as a username!

Well I hope that clears thing's up.

Have fun


Sunday, July 10, 2016


Hey jammers

These are just some AJMV's that I made.


The Pillow Room Jammers

So I was in the pillow room and found these funny things 

Can anyone tell me what this means

Because if i'm correct at what I'm thinking then..

And this..

I don't even know what people are talking about anymore.


Just letting ya know that my favorite mythical creature is a werewolf

Aren't they rad? 

And what's your favorite creature?

See you later.

Friday, July 8, 2016


Sorry for the spam today but I GOT 14,000 VIEWS!!!


Special thanks to the people who stuck with me since the beginning!!!

Never stop playing!

Wolf Blog Updates

Hey everyone! Just pointing out that the blog has been updated!

Here's some things that may have gotten updated:
  • Funny Pics Tab
  • Legendary Rare Items Tab
  • Hackers & Scammers Tab

Also jammers can now chat on the blog. Just go to the "chat" tab and you can chat with others.

I hope you all enjoy! More updates coming soon.

In Memoriam

The Wolf blog pay's tribute to a very amazing blog..

The Animal Jam Expert

This blog was simply the best! The creator was Gingersnap and she resigned from her amazing blog.

This blog was awesome. There is so much time invested into this amazing website and it will never be forgotten.

Gingersnap was a very kind person and made a very good impact to the Animal Jam community.

Ginger helped everyone and welcomed everyone to their blog! So check it out if you have the chance. 

Click here  to see their blog!

Goodbye :)